About John

John Sands, president of Sancorp Business Products, passed away October 8, 2002, at the age of 41.  A Holy Family College graduate he was son of Betty and the late John P. (Chubby) Sands, Sr.  He was the father of Shannon, brother of the late Billy Sands and Betty Anne (John) Hutt, uncle of Kristina, and fiancé of Holly West of Cherry Hill, NJ.

John was a very intense individual.  It was apparent in everything he did from his businesses, to the stock market and his interest in the history of the Civil War.  He brought the same intensity and determination to his battle with cancer.  He never blamed God or anyone for his illness, never a “why me?” but he completely believed that if God was finished with him here, he would take him home for some new “assignment.”

When John’s cancer had recurred and there was to be no cure, everyone was praying for a miracle. John told his family that he had already received a miracle… the fact that God had lifted the terrible fear and dread that comes along with the disease.  John was able to face what was ahead and put himself in God’s hands… that for John was truly a miracle.

John worried about those he was leaving and talked about how lucky he was to have such wonderful parents, brother, and sister.  His main concern was the daughter he was leaving.  Nothing would make him happier than to share your memories of John with her.

On one of John’s last evenings, he asked that we play a CD and listen with him to the words of “Gravyland” by John Gorka.  John felt this really described who he was.  It says: “If all my luck ran out tomorrow, I have to say that I have had my share.  Enough to balance out this sorrow, enough to say that I am a little scared. ‘Cause this is not what I expected, I did not expect to feel this good. I always kept my heart protected, I crossed my fingers and I knocked on wood. If all my luck ran out tomorrow, and I fell back to where I began with the spirit poor and need to borrow, I’ll know that who I was is who I am.”

John knew that after he was gone these words would be shared so that everyone would know that he had a better life than he expected, that he was truly aware and appreciative of the love and caring of all those around him, and that he was ready to go home to God.